Anonymous: hey :) i was wondering if you could do a few outfits with maroon breeches, i just got some and i have no idea what to wear with them!

of course! here you go:

I hope this helps!

Anonymous: i actually love your account bc unlike some people i follow on instagram your outfits are really tasteful! everything compliments everything just right unlike instagram people are wearing green pants with pink where shirts and pink shoes and so on ha

oh thank you! haha I really like to try to wear nice outfits to riding whenever I can, I used to just want to ride in shorts and bright, un-matching colors all the time but idk I kind of got more serious about it. I think its good to look classy and respect the sport, especially when you’re lessoning! 

just-take-the-reins: Cool blog, love the outfits :)

thank you! :)

train-to-win: Awesome blog girl!:)

thank you so much! :)

Anonymous: Tuff riders are like 30 bucks!

I’ll also check these out! Thank you for telling me about them :)

raeequestrian: A suggestion for affordable breeches could be elation breeches. They are anywhere from $50(pull on, super comfy) to $150(full seat show breeches) and come in a variety of browns, black, grey, navy and white! They could fit into a bunch of outfits :) Greenhawk has all of them, or at least most of them, on their site. Love the blog!

I will definitely check these out, they sound great! :) and thank you so much :)

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